Soft tech from nature

Society today is dominated by high technology, the main goal of which is to enhance machines, speed up processes and increasingly reduce times and costs.
High technology is so sophisticated that in many cases not only has it taken over people’s jobs, it has also made mere contemplation of the tasks pointless. Consequently, we now live high-paced, hectic lives with automatic processes all around that leave us feeling alienated. Everything goes against the natural rhythms that have always governed our lifestyles and the changing seasons.

With this in mind, more than 20 years ago MED1994 decided to embark on a new type of research, with just one goal: promoting personal well-being. Reflection on the matter led to the development of a philosophy that can be summed up by four simple words: soft tech from nature. What is soft tech? MED1994 looks for all of its inspiration from Nature, because it is the source of all of the most ingenious inventions. The ideas behind our projects stem from close observation of natural phenomena.

Soft tech from nature is at the heart of every single one of our products. Innovative but natural, it is an outlook that is totally dedicated to harmoniously balanced bodies and minds. Rather than our words, the real cornerstone of our reputation lies in our steadfast commitment in more than two decades of research. At MED1994 we have always taken our time in order to ensure that we can offer you exceptional quality and the best possible results.