Wool, silk, hemp or recycled fibre.
To each their own comfort.

Each line of MED1994 mattresses conceals a secret: the choice of the right raw materials harmoniously combined with efficiency. Precisely for this reason, every MED1994 mattress line is inspired by a different material that forms the main padding of the product. Being familiar with the properties of the various raw materials is the best way to make an informed decision.


Cachemire Pad

This raw material hails mainly from Mongolia.
Cachemire pad combines manufacturing technology with the renowned warm lightness of thousands of very fine fibres. It offers the sensation of extraordinary softness to the touch, with unique characteristics in terms of resistance, warmth and water repellence.


Silk Pad

If we think of silk, we think of China.
A raw material characterised by shine, preciousness and elasticity. The Silk Pad favours an exchange of air for breathability and comfort.
It has the amazing ability to keep us warm when it is cold and cool when it’s hot.


Canapa Pad

Hemp is grown mostly in Latin America.
It is heat-insulating, breathable, hypoallergenic and one of the most resistant fibres nature has to offer. The Hemp Pad combines and enhances the intrinsic
characteristics of the raw material, such as keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.


Aerelle blu Pad

To sleep in an environmentally-friendly way, we devised the Aerelle® Blu, an EU Ecolabel and GRS-certified fibre with controlled traceability. These fibres not only help keep our oceans clean but are also welcoming, comfortable, provide a balanced microclimate and come from recycled Plastic Bank.

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