For 20 years now we have been conducting studies in order to guarantee unbeatable quality and comfort, striving to give the results of scientific research in partnership with Italian universities concrete form with every one of our products.
Following years of hard work, all of our products have been certified as medical devices by the Italian Ministry of Health.

MED1994 strives to create an endless stream of innovative products and materials with its ceaseless research and development. Made in harmony with nature, they offer optimum conditions for everyone not just in bed but also in a wide range of other everyday situations.
MED1994 is developing new, indispensable devices that can help to improve the quality of daily life. For example, AIRDRIVE is based on a “hybrid” concept that takes our well-being experience into car interiors.

Meanwhile, we are also focusing on the sleep of new-born babies in a long series of studies and experiments that are currently underway. We have put fibre-optic systems in our mattress toppers that wirelessly connect to a user-friendly smartphone application in order to boost safety and the peace of mind of new parents.