Let’s be supported
by the sustainable.

Our road
to carbon neutrality

MED has been developing the project named S-FARM since 2017 in order to certify each step, also through a form of sustainability rating for all suppliers, without overlooking disposal and recycling.
To be carbon neutral, we must apply a sustainability index that allows us to:
– MEASURE all of our products through the carbon footprint;
– REDUCE CO2 consumption by improving the materials, the use of energy, packaging and means of transport;
– OFFSET our environmental debt through certified carbon credits by supporting and developing projects.
Our objective? Zero impact.

Betulia Hydroelectric Project in Honduras

This small run-of-river hydroelectric generating power plant is providing renewable energy to the national grid (displacing traditional fossil fueled power plants), whilst improving the quality of electricity for local communities.

Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program

The Nicaforest Program plants teak and other valuable species for future timber production and added-value wood production as well as other measures aimed at increasing resilience in the local municipalities.

Emissions Reductions from PET Recycling, Romania

The Project “Greentech’s Emissions Reductions from PET Recycling is the first project in Europe to apply PET waste frameworks through PET waste recycling, proactively reducing greenhouse gases emissions.

Our carbon footprint

for a 160×190 Grecale mattress












Carbon Footprint

Compared to a
standard mattress

Data obtained following the 2030 calculator standards, based on a 160×190 Grecale mattress

A journey towards
sustainable luxury

If we can design an entirely sustainable product and can produce it in full respect of the environment, then we have a duty to do so.

Today, in line with our values and in view of our commitment to a responsible business ethic, we manufacture products in full respect of the environment. For us and for our children because this is the only planet we have. We started being
“ecologically responsible” when it was not yet a trend and thinking “green” long before it became mainstream. This is demonstrated by the supply chains and standards we follow, as well as the certifications awarded over the years.
Together for sustainable luxury.

Certified supply chain

Our materials,
our responsibilities.

All raw materials have an environmental and social impact. We are committed to selecting materials of high value in terms of performance, as well as working with suppliers who share our same principles of responsibility and transparency. This means searching, investigating, experimenting and investing time.
It is our mission and we love doing it. Over the years, we have discovered that materials most attentive to nature are also those that guarantee the ideal comfort for people.

Poly Grs Pad

Soft, warm, comfortable and breathable padding. The Poly GRS Pad contains 100%-recycled polyester and has been awarded the GRS label for sustainable development in the textile industry.

Graphene Pad

Antistatic, light and soft, it even has antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties. Graphene Pad is the new hi-tech insulation that redistributes body heat in winter and disperses it in summer to always ensure the utmost comfort.


Steel is the circular raw material par excellence. MED1994 has dedicated years of research in order to find the best thickness for the wire and the ideal space between the springs to ensure resilience, elasticity and silence.

Rubber Latex

Elastic, hygienic, hypoallergenic and ergonomic. Latex is a natural raw material extracted from the rubber tree, with the well-known property of spontaneously recuperating its form after being subjected to weights or deformations.

Coconut Pad

The rubberised coconut sheeting make the mattresses up to 20% lighter, more elastic and resistant. In addition, the coir offers a high degree of reathability, does not attract dust, does not absorb moisture and even retains its initial form and rigidity.


Cool in summer and enveloping in winter, cotton is the perfect fibre for coating a mattress. We use sateen – being ultra-resistant to wear and washing – along with cotton satin, one of the most esteemed varieties.

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