The SISTEMA ARIA® stems from a research and development project which had the goal of resolving the everyday problems caused by the moisture released by our bodies while we are sleeping. Released moisture makes everything around us damp and it stays damp all night long, which obviously has a negative impact on our well-being. In one night, a human body releases between 0.3 and 0.6 litres of liquid. In order to enjoy pleasant, healthy sleep, it is necessary to be in a warm, dry environment from which moisture is removed quickly. Furthermore, as much heat must be retained as possible because otherwise a “cold bridge” can form, leading to a loss of heat and thus reducing the quality of sleep.

The SISTEMA ARIA® was created in response to these needs.

The core concept behind it is building a free layer inside every product: an active suspension helps humid air to be released and replaced with clean, dry air. An “accordion” effect is produced in the inner layer of air by the countless movements that our bodies make unconsciously while we are sleeping. This adds the finishing touch to the SISTEMA ARIA® and guarantees ideal levels of comfort all night long, with perfect breathability and thermoregulation IN EVERY SEASON. In addition, this distinctive patented SYSTEM has solved the age-old problem of choosing the right LEVEL OF WARMTH. It is normally necessary to decide how thick or thin a product should be and consider things such as thermal performance and tog ratings, but in this case the same product meets all needs: one only product for everyone.

All of our products can be classified as medical devices thanks to the results achieved through ongoing work in partnership with Italian universities and cutting-edge specialist centres, which underline the soundness of the SISTEMA ARIA® structure and its capacity to improve the quality of life of people with serious medical conditions.


All of our products are covered by international patents that officially recognize their authentically innovative nature.